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Friday, October 24, 2014

My reviews of the Ruin Series by Deborah Bladon

Ruin (The RUIN Series Book 1) by Deborah Bladon



Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Kayla moves back to New York after being dumped by a guy who dragged her to Boston. So it's understandable that she is hurt and pissed and is willing to jump into a thoughtless one-night stand with a sexy man she meets on the plan. However, sometimes one night is just not enough. She suddenly finds out who he is and at the very end of the book finds out the truth...but is the truth what is appears to be or is there more to it. I immediately bought book 2 and cannot wait to start it!
Why I didn't give it five stars: If you like hot erotica, you will love this. However, I don't really care about the details of sex and they do it a lot. It got a little redundant for me. Also, it was short (I know it's a novella) but it was so rushed because of it. Even in a novella you sometimes have to slow things down and give a little more. Even an extra chapter would have been nice to so that we could see more of Kayla and Ben together, outside of the bedroom. Although I am still cheering for their HEA, I'm not completely sold on.
Ruin (Part 2) by Deborah Bladon


Part one may have only got 4 stars and up until the end part 2 was a 4 star book, then I got the cliffy! OMG I wanted to throw my kindle (in a good way) and BAM 5 STARS! Kindle throwing cliffhanger endings get 5 stars!!
I am really enjoying this series. It's a little rushed but it's a great read if you want something quick. This book definitely ended differently than I thought it would and I love it!!! I can not wait to read the last installment!!
Ruin (Part 3) releases in November!!!!

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