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July 18th, 2015
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Book Reviews!

How I review: 
1 Star: I can say that I read it.
2 Star: It was okay.
3 Star: I liked it.
4 Star: I really liked it.
5 Star: I loved it!

Second Chance Holiday (A Novella) by Aurora Rose Reynolds
Overall, it wasn't a bad book. The story had potential and I feel that it fell short of it. I found myself getting bored and skimming through. The beginning caught me right away. I liked Mike and Kat, I likes that they were older, but I would have like to see their relationship build a little bit before they broke up. I read the first half in one sitting before I started getting a little bored. The last few chapters I think is what put it at 3 stars where the beginning halfway 4 stars. I like angst so I was disappointed in how quickly they got back together. Once they were back together the story just became rushed. I did like Brandon's character on it and thought it added a good element to bring some sort of depth to the book.
I didn't like the POV switching, wish I had known that. I don't care for it in any book. I bought this more based on the cover, hoping for a winter/Christmas story and it was nothing's of the sort. If you're looking for a quick light read this is a book for you. If you want more angst and anticipation then I'd stay away.

My Last Season With You by SVC Ricketts
I recieved a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I adore this book. At first I was unsure of the F/F relationship because it is not something I normally read but it didn't matter. This book is not about that, it's about two people who love each other deeper then friendship. This story had me tearing up the whole time but by the last chapter I was a complete mess! This story reminds you that it's never to late to say I love you nor should you assume your life is over when given a life threatening illness. Anything is possible, anything can and will happen regardless of what you think. This is a story about taking chances. I wish it had been longer because it was just so touching.

Handled 1&2 by Angela Graham & S.E. Hall

I loved Paige!! Any girl who will pull a gun on a man for saying the wrong name while she is pleasuring him, earns 5 gold stars in my book! We first saw Vaughn in the novella Packaged and now we get a whole lot more of him in all his trucker yumminess! So going into the book, you may have thought “Trucker? Really? Who ever saw a sexy trucker!?” That is what I love about this duo! They are willing to do something different. When you finish this book, you will want to start hanging out at a truck stop just hoping for Vaughn to hope out of his big ole’ 18 wheeler!!! I also appreciate the authors addressing insta-love. Because it is a novella and Vaughn is way to sexy, Paige does give in. Some stories would through them straight into love, but this authors are careful not to do that. Yes, they have hot sex but the book ends with them at the beginning of a relationship. Paige is damaged! She is scared and has a thick, brick wall up. No man, no matter how good he is, is realistically able to break through that wall over night! I love that were the story ends. It is a happy ended that you just have to put faith in will last forever!
Handled 1:
Amazon -
B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/handled-angela-graham/1120647768?ean=2940150498020
Handle 2:
B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/handled-2-angela-graham/1120619257?ean=2940150497993
****Oh did I mention that Handled 2 became an Amazon International Best Seller and was #1 in Erotica in US and UK on its release day!!!!

Ruin (Part 3) by Deborah Bladon
I was very excited for this part because part 2 ended with such a jaw dropping cliff hanger. However, I was somewhat disappointed. I get it's a novella, so the author has a word count to work with but this really needed one more chapter of build up before she hoped back in bed with Dr. Ben. I understand why she took it the way she did with not making Dr. Ben the bad guy, but I feel it was all just to forced. Mostly, I hated the epilogue. I was annoyed at how he purposed. I hate when guys purpose like that, I don't care if they were caring the ring around with them or not. Personally, if my boyfriend did it that way, I'd be annoyed to. It cheapens the proposal in my view.
Ruin (Part 2) by Deborah Bladon


Part one may have only got 4 stars and up until the end part 2 was a 4 star book, then I got the cliffy! OMG I wanted to throw my kindle (in a good way) and BAM 5 STARS! Kindle throwing cliffhanger endings get 5 stars!!
I am really enjoying this series. It's a little rushed but it's a great read if you want something quick. This book definitely ended differently than I thought it would and I love it!!! I can not wait to read the last installment!!

RUIN (The RUIN Series Book 1) by Deborah Bladon



Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Kayla moves back to New York after being dumped by a guy who dragged her to Boston. So it's understandable that she is hurt and pissed and is willing to jump into a thoughtless one-night stand with a sexy man she meets on the plan. However, sometimes one night is just not enough. She suddenly finds out who he is and at the very end of the book finds out the truth...but is the truth what is appears to be or is there more to it. I immediately bought book 2 and cannot wait to start it!
Why I didn't give it five stars: If you like hot erotica, you will love this. However, I don't really care about the details of sex and they do it a lot. It got a little redundant for me. Also, it was short (I know it's a novella) but it was so rushed because of it. Even in a novella you sometimes have to slow things down and give a little more. Even an extra chapter would have been nice to so that we could see more of Kayla and Ben together, outside of the bedroom. Although I am still cheering for their HEA, I'm not completely sold on.

Forbidden Hope by Bethany Shaw



This was a great back story to Emily and Marcus relationship. It also provided more insight into why they along with Emily’s brothers left their pack.
If you have read the other books in this series, this is a great novella to pick up. If you have not read any of the other books, it’s a great place to start although not necessary. This book can be read at any time!
This is a novella so shortness is implied, however I felt that it was a little to rushed. I would have loved to see more of Emily and Marcus’ relationship. The flashback at the beginning was great but it told more of the story rather the allowing us to feel the passion that was so strongly brewing between them. If this book is read first, I’m not sure the new readers will understand how the werewolves can sense their mate so quickly.
Overall, I enjoyed the book. It was a quick and pleasant read. The author shows great potential in her writing career. Having read the other books I highly recommend them! The author has produced a very interesting story for this pack of wolves and you will fall in love with them all!

Packaged by S.E. Hall and Angela Graham



I am going to keep this review short because I really don't need a lot of words to make my point. So here it goes: If you are looking for a quick hot read then get this book! Not only do you get hot kinky sex but you get anxious suspense! I read this book in less then 4 hours because I couldn't put it down!

So come on and meet Amelia and her mystery man!! Can you figure out who it is...and if he is a sadistic killer?????

The Space Between Us by Anie Michaels

5 Stars


I absolutely loved this book!! I love how the author takes you through the life of Asher and Charlie, not just one time period. You start out seeing how Asher comes to Charlie’s rescue when they are in the 5th grade. At the same time, you get to meet the supporting character, Reeve. We quickly learn that Charlie recently moved to a new town after the death of her mother from cancer. The story jumps to the three kids in high school. This is where we see the fire burning between Asher and Charlie start, only Charlie doesn’t see it. One of my favorite scenes in the school dance. Asher is trying to be so coy yet at the same time he is yelling (figuratively) at Charlie about his feelings.

Ahh, sweet high school love! The author did an awesome job of pulling you into their budding relationship. It made me yearn for those first sweet touches and gentle kisses of a new relationship. I could feel the butterflies in my own stomach as Asher and Charlie shared their first kiss.

We see their relationship develop as they began to explore one another and before we know the two young love birds are going away to college. Once in college things erupt however. Although we have already fallen in love with Asher, we fall again once we see how kind his heart is after Reeve is fallen victim in a devastating situation. They we get to hate Asher for a little bit as him and Charlie experience their first real fight. But don’t worry, we fall back in love with Asher soon enough!

Before we know what is happening, the young sweet couple is in their early 30’s. Asher is a lawyer and Charlie an artist. And this my lovely readers, is where I end. The last several chapters will tear you apart, they will make you cry with sadness and jump for joy because there can never be a Happily Ever After without a little drama! The author does a marvelous job of bringing the reader (as well as Asher) back to the start and reminding us all why we love Charlie and what true love really is. So rest assure that this book with NOT leave you hanging!!


Falling Back Together by Kristen Mazzola


I eagerly awaited Falling Back Together for many reasons. First, Kristen came up with an interesting story and I just had to know what happens with Walker! Second, Mags is a 25-year-old girl who lost her husband and is hurting, something that many of us can relate to in some form. Falling Back Together picks up right where book 1 left us, which if you haven’t read it leaves you going OMG!!! The difference between the books is book one focuses on the process of moving on after a loss. Book 2 is the aftermath and we see Mags finally began to accept her new life and understand what life is truly about.
I was constantly reminded throughout the book that it everything that does happen (which I will not spoil) is all within one week! Poor Mags and Cali go through hell!!
“The only reason why I’d even decided to shave my legs was to have an excuse to hide away in my warm solitude of despair for a little bit longer.”
Mags makes a lot of hard choices in this book. Despite her pain and confusion, Mags is a sweetheart and she has tons of compassion. However, these seem to be a great enemy for her and she must make a choice: Does she walk away or run back to him? This is where we really see Mags grow.
“I hated the man I was desperate for. I missed the haunting from a ghost that no longer coaxed my dreams. I had an impending dinner with a man I loathed. What the hell is going on?”
The biggest challenge the author had to win me over was to help me like Walker, because end of Book 1 made me hate me! I resisted the urge, like most of Mags friends did in the book, but Mags holds on to a logic that is hard to hold on to. Kristen did an awesome job of writing Mags. Being someone who experienced a similar lost around the same age, I understood most of Mags action. In book 1 we see a lot of drinking and I am glad that it is addressed in book 2. Mags owns it. She doesn’t hid behind her innocence of being young or just out of college. The world is not black and white, it is full of color and Mags really seems to embrace that despite the constant pitfalls in this book.


A Beautiful Mess by T.K. Leigh

4 Stars

 This book was a great read. It kept me entertained throughout and anxious for Mr. Burnham to tell Olivia his secret...or rather Olivia's secret. Olivia is a trouble 27 year old. Her feelings of abandonment are justified. She lost her parents at a very young age and then her uncle, the only family she knew, died as she finished up college. However, Olivia has managed to be humble and has slowly allowed a few close friends into her life. She is taking it day by day.

Mr. Alexander Burnham is on top of the world. He's sexy and rich. However, he lives each day with guilt. Losing his best friend as a child has haunted him into his adulthood.

When Alex saves Olivia from an attacker, both of their lives are changed. Olivia finally allows a man to spend the night and she talks to him. Alex, living a no-strings attached lifestyle similar to Olivia, also lets her in. Although neither say it, both are head over heels in love.

Maybe I should have liked the end, because it builds up the anticipation, but at the same time it really made me dislike Alex. Throughout the book you learn about Olivia's past and why she is distant. You see her shine through her music and it allows you a little peak into what Olivia is really like. She is a fun loving, down to earth girl. Alex, on the other hand, a didn't care for. I would have like to have seen him a little stronger. Instead he is whining and pining over his dead friend, when the love of his life is right in front of him. He knows that she is scared and can run at any moment, but instead of telling Olivia the truth, he keeps his secret.

I am excited to start the next book. I have mixed feelings about the ending and about Alex (which is why this book got a 4.5 and not a 5 star rating) so I am hoping the next book will change my mind about him!


The whole series:


Never Far Away by Anie Michaels

5 Stars

I loved this book just as much as the first one! Ella and Porter have a special love and NOTHING can stop them from being together!! The author did a great job in the development of the story. And because it's a story, right when they are finally HEA, Kyle comes back in the picture! Loved it and what the author did with his character! To stick with my no spoiler rule, I leave you with this, Ella and Porter have an epic love story that you must read now!


Dom Wars (round one) by Lucian Bane

4 Stars
I received an ARC copy in exchange for a review for the author, I wasn't sure what to expect when I received this as BDSM doesn’t really appeal to me, however this book was unlike any BDSM I had read before. Lucian is a confident and strong Dom looking to win a reality show contest, then he meets Tara and we are shown what a real Dom he is, he is not afraid to show his feelings and his fears, yet he is gentle and caring unlike the other Doms we are introduced to. Tara goes into this audition only wanting to win for the money and learns about the BDSM world through books, as the story unfolds the chemistry between the two of them is explosive. I truly am looking forward to the next in this series, and I have to say it is nice to have this written from the male POV, we do not get that all that often.



Dom Wars (round two) by Lucian Bane

4 Stars

I was provided this book by the author and reviewed it for Once upon a Crush Book blog, this was better then round 1. The chemistry between Tara and Lucien continues to grow and they are both determined to be the better and stronger Dom. I absolutely love how caring Lucien is and how he hates any of the competition in which he has to cause Tara any pain. In this book we find Tara understanding what she needs to do in order to win this competition and she is more willing to do the actions, although she still is uncomfortable with them. My favorite line in the book is when Lucien says "I just need to hold you" very touching! This series has grown on me and I really am looking forward to the conclusion of them!


DOM Wars round 3 is set to be released April 11th!!!

This review was happily done by Michelle N.

Dirty Little Secret by Amber Rides


Let me first start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There was nothing that I did not like actually! Secondly, yes this book would have greatly benefitted from an editor. There are some errors (i.e. the instead of they, Melissa instead of Shelby, or missing a word like a) but it is what it is, and they were not so distracting that it took away from the book, so I am not knocking any starts off from my rating. This book made me laugh and cry and that means more to me than a grammatical error! This HEA book will make you smile and make you cry. The relationship has a great pace and is close, but not totally an insta-love. There are periods of a week that go by with in a sentence.

Cutter is a bad boy! Only not really. Cutter Lane is damaged. He has got himself in some serious trouble, one to many times, and is now on house arrest with few privileges. He comes off with an “I don’t F***ing care about this world or myself” attitude. He has managed to push everyone in his life away. Well except for Brandy, but she is trouble herself!

“Shut up. Nothing could bring me down that low.”

Melissa Hanover is perfect! She has the perfect rich parents, the perfect grades, the perfect hair, perfect friends, perfect boyfriend, perfect, perfect, perfect! Only not really. Once she finds out about the dirty secret family things change. Combine this with meeting sexy bad boy Cutter who makes her thighs quiver while he downgrades her and splashes mud all over her, Melissa is out for something.

“I suddenly needed leather and lace. Not cotton sheets.”

Melissa and Cutter have the clich√© love-hate relationship. There are not made for each other so of course this relationship is not going to beginning easily. Melissa is somewhat stuck on a high horse and Cutter is keeping her up there. Normally I would not like the nickname “baby-doll” but here it is perfect.

“…you’re more of a baby-doll than a sweetheart…”

Cutter cannot deny his need for Melissa. However he knows that everything involving him gets screwed up. So between pleasuring Miss. Hanover and nightly phone calls, he pushes her away. Melissa cannot deny her feelings either. Although she refuses to admit it, the boy makes her wet just at the thought of his name!

“My heart was pounding in my chest, and I was so excited that I felt like a virgin, racing to my first lay.”

Finally, she gives in. But because love is never easy chaos breaks out. And because no one likes an ending to a good story ruined, I leave this review with one last comment. This story does have a happily ever after and it is one that will make you squeal.


-Michelle S.

Crashing Back Down by Kristen Mazzola


I hate adding in spoilers to my reviews, however, this one is a toughing but I will do my best and if one slips up, I'll warn you!

I was given this book by the author for an honest reviewed.

This book deserves the four stars and I really hope to give the next book (which I am dying to read) 5 stars. The ending saved this book. It pulled me back in just when I was about to set my mind to the book being 3 stars. So let's start from the beginning:

Mags is in her early twenties and is suffering in the grief of her husband's, Randy, death. Thankfully she seems to have a great support system, even though she is in a huge funk! Basically, we meet her at the beginning of a transition phase. She wants to be normal again and have a life but has too much guilt inside her. This is to be expected. We quickly meet Walker and see how he has been a huge support for her. Walker is Randy's best friend and he feels like he needs to take on the responsibility of caring for Mags. Cali, her best friend, makes appearances that help show who Mags was before Randy's death.

Ok Spoiler time, but nothing to bad:
It's a romance so obviously Mags is falling for someone. She is guilt ridden because of these feelings. She is confused and rightly so. She is still in love with her dead husband yet falling for another shortly afterwards. But we all must remember Mags past with this person. He's not just some guy she picked up at a bar. There's history plus they share in the same grief that is the bond between them. However, just as Mags is finally excepting that fact she can be happy after Randy, the one person she should be able to trust the most, crashes her world. I can only imagine what Mags is thinking and feeling. Everything she thought was true turns out to be a lie.

All this is what made me love the book. It's what deserved the 5 star rating. However, there was a bunch of extra stuff. I don't really care what everyone is wearing everyday. They drink ALOT!! Which I suppose it normal for that age group, but everyday ends with a drink. We read about the same internal conflict of guilt and grief repeatedly that it becomes redundant after awhile. I would have like to see more bonding between Mags and her fling, whereas, we see more of the internal and external turmoil of the relationship. I wanted to support their relationship but had no real reason why I should. I needed more interaction between them. Mags outings with Cali appear to be pointless and have nothing to do with the story, but when I look back at them, they help me fill in the holes of who Mags is. Without Cali and their girl time, Mags just comes off a grieving, confused mess! There were times, I found myself skimming because of all the extra words.

The ending was awesome and that is why everyone should read this book. Nothing is what is seems. I need book 2 in my hands now because I must know what happens! It does leave on a cliff hanger and a really good one that is going to piss a lot of people off (assuming they don't like cliff hangers).

US: http://amzn.to/1dGLXXc
UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00GG1KREQ
Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/crashing-back-down-kristen-hope-mazzola/1117541808?ean=2940148909507

Our Totally, Ridiculous, Made-Up Christmas Relationship by Brittainy Cherry


This book easily deserved 5 stars after the first three chapters. What hooked me first were the humorous characters. I mean Jules is totally neurotic and yet completely loveable. She has been luck with man though and finds herself desperate for a boyfriend to take home for Christmas. She stands in the middle of her agency lobby, offering $1000 for a weekend boyfriend! CRAZY, but Sexdorable comes to her rescue! Sexdorable is the man that she has already ran into, literally, and who we met in the first chapter. Kayden takes Jules up on her offer, hoping this paying "acting" job will help win approval from his family.

So after all this humor, we finally meet Jules' family. If you thought Kayden's family was bad, I think Jules has it worst, unfortunately. However, the man we thought was a playboy, Kayden, turns out to be sweet and a softy. Driven by a desire to hold Jules, Kayden stands up to the family, and pretends to be the perfect boyfriend after seeing how bad her family treats her. Well, pretend may be a little inaccurate. I mean you can totally tell these two desperately want to fall in love with each other! They were made for one another!!

After the first day with Jules' family, the characters really start to develop! These is were the tears keep sneaky in. You learn more about Kayden's past and how the playboy show is one of his best performance. You see the two of them truly connecting as Jules and Kayden, while completely forgetting that he is suppose to be Richard.

The last chapter is perfect! It provides the perfect closure to all of our characters! This novella could have been longer! But it was not rushed at all! The characters develop slowly yet quickly enough for a novella, they have there ups and downs without them being drawn out, and they the growth that they characters makes seem natural. The author did a wonderful job developing this story!

One of the funniest scenes is when grandma and her boyfriend come into the kitchen and Jules and Kayden hide. I laughed the whole time while feeling grossed out along with Jules! My favorite scene was probably when they were in the snow, making the snow angels. I really felt like I connected with Jules and Kayden on a new level.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/IVugaB

-Michelle S.

Never Close Enough by Anie Michaels


OMG! If you can make me cry (whether out of happiness or sadness) then you deserve 5 stars because it is a hard thing to do!! I don't want to spoil anything so I will be very careful with this review! Until the last few chapters I was going to give it a 4 or 4.5 because it was a really good story, however, the ending pushed it up to five stars!! Anyone who has ever loved someone with so much passion that you can't stand not to touch them, needs to read this!! Anyone who is in the mood for a sweet romance, needs to read this but beware this story is a cliffhanger, but it is so worth it!!!!!!

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1cw0jZT

-Michelle S.

Out of the Shadows by Bethany Shaw


Lark is a strong, fiery woman who works hard. She has been through her share of pain. Devon is on the run with his brother, sister, and her boyfriend from their father who wants to give her to another pack for mating.

Lark and Devon insistently bump heads. Their banter is filled with passion causing the reader to love Lark and Devon right from the beginning! You can instantly sense their connection. Their first kiss was unexpected and perfect.

Another character fave is Vincent. Right from his introduction, he has me laughing!

*Small Spoiler*
This book has an awesome love story while keeping it packed with action!Just when you think that they are same from the crazy father, that Lark and Devon will bond in some romantic and predictable way, you are proven wrong. Before you know what happens, Lark and and Devon are thrown into the pack war, fighting to protect their sisters who are kidnapped. They lose loved ones around them just as quickly. This book doesn't stop with the action and through it all you see Lark and Devon grow together.

The ending was well done. Although danger still awaits there is some closure for this book plus Lark and Devon take the next step and I can't wait to see how their relationship grows!!

Amazon US:  http://amzn.com/B00ES2GX3O
Amazon UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00ES2GX3O

-Michelle S.

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