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Monday, January 27, 2014

Into the Unknown by Bethany Shaw

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After the devastating loss of his father, Gene Harris has become alpha of his werewolf pack. He has been training for this his entire life. But nothing could have prepared him for the brewing war, or the beautiful alpha female, Talia. Gene is instantly drawn to the mesmerizing she-wolf. He wants to trust Talia, but it's hard to trust anyone--especially when they are related to your adversary. Enemies are everywhere, and Gene must fight to protect his pack.

Natalia 'Talia' Alvarez grew up away from the pack. Talia's first encounter with werewolves was when she was abducted and taken prisoner by her grandfather. This experience leaves her weary of her werewolf heritage and unable to trust her rescuers. As a new mother protecting her son is her first priority. Talia knows her only chance at freedom is to team up with Gene. Talia finds herself falling for the alpha as they begin to work together. The thought of trusting Gene terrifies her, and she can't help but wonder if he will betray her too.

Into the Unknown is the second book in the Werewolf Wars Series.

Need Book One: Out of the Shadows
Devon Harris is outraged when he learns his younger sister is going to be used as a breeder. Defying his alpha, he helps his sister to escape and they seek refuge at his Uncle Rick's ranch.  While trying to adjust to his new life, he meets the fiery human Lark. War begins to brew between the packs as Devon attempts to fight his attraction to Lark. Wanting to keep her safe, he tries to keep her at arms length. But, the more time they spend together, the harder it is to ignore the intense need to claim her.

Rick Harris has been like a second father to Lark Davies since her parents died
in an accident three years ago. She is the sole guardian of her younger sister and
the owner of her own bakery, leaving her little time for a social life. Lark instantly feels the allure to Devon even though they are constantly at odds with each other.  As Lark spends more time with the pack, she is drawn further into the werewolf world. She has known werewolves existed for some time, but never knew how dangerous they could be.

Out of the Shadows is the first book in the Werewolf Wars

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