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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Review for DOM Wars Round 1 & 2 by Lucian Bane

Dom Wars round one:
4.5 Stars!
I received an ARC copy in exchange for a review for the author, I wasn't sure what to expect when I received this as BDSM doesn’t really appeal to me, however this book was unlike any BDSM I had read before. Lucian is a confident and strong Dom looking to win a reality show contest, then he meets Tara and we are shown what a real Dom he is, he is not afraid to show his feelings and his fears, yet he is gentle and caring unlike the other Doms we are introduced to. Tara goes into this audition only wanting to win for the money and learns about the BDSM world through books, as the story unfolds the chemistry between the two of them is explosive. I truly am looking forward to the next in this series, and I have to say it is nice to have this written from the male POV, we do not get that all that often.


Dom wars round 2 review
4.5 Stars!
I was provided this book by the author and reviewed it for Once upon a Crush Book blog, this was better then round 1. The chemistry between Tara and Lucien continues to grow and they are both determined to be the better and stronger Dom. I absolutely love how caring Lucien is and how he hates any of the competition in which he has to cause Tara any pain. In this book we find Tara understanding what she needs to do in order to win this competition and she is more willing to do the actions, although she still is uncomfortable with them. My favorite line in the book is when Lucien says "I just need to hold you" very touching! This series has grown on me and I really am looking forward to the conclusion of them!


DOM Wars round 3 is set to be released April 11th!!!

This review was happily done by Michelle N.

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