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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review: Dirty Little Secret by Amber Rides

5 STARS!!! Dirty Little Secret by Amber Rides

Let me first start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There was nothing that I did not like actually! Secondly, yes this book would have greatly benefitted from an editor. There are some errors (i.e. the instead of they, Melissa instead of Shelby, or missing a word like a) but it is what it is, and they were not so distracting that it took away from the book, so I am not knocking any starts off from my rating. This book made me laugh and cry and that means more to me than a grammatical error! This HEA book will make you smile and make you cry. The relationship has a great pace and is close, but not totally an insta-love. There are periods of a week that go by with in a sentence.

Cutter is a bad boy! Only not really. Cutter Lane is damaged. He has got himself in some serious trouble, one to many times, and is now on house arrest with few privileges. He comes off with an “I don’t F***ing care about this world or myself” attitude. He has managed to push everyone in his life away. Well except for Brandy, but she is trouble herself!

“Shut up. Nothing could bring me down that low.”

Melissa Hanover is perfect! She has the perfect rich parents, the perfect grades, the perfect hair, perfect friends, perfect boyfriend, perfect, perfect, perfect! Only not really. Once she finds out about the dirty family secret things change. Combine this with meeting sexy bad boy Cutter who makes her thighs quiver while he downgrades her and splashes mud all over her, Melissa is out for something.

“I suddenly needed leather and lace. Not cotton sheets.”

Melissa and Cutter have the cliché love-hate relationship. There are not made for each other so of course this relationship is not going to beginning easily. Melissa is somewhat stuck on a high horse and Cutter is keeping her up there. Normally I would not like the nickname “baby-doll” but here it is perfect.

“…you’re more of a baby-doll than a sweetheart…”

Cutter cannot deny his need for Melissa. However he knows that everything involving him gets screwed up. So between pleasuring Miss. Hanover and nightly phone calls, he pushes her away. Melissa cannot deny her feelings either. Although she refuses to admit it, the boy makes her wet just at the thought of his name!

“My heart was pounding in my chest, and I was so excited that I felt like a virgin, racing to my first lay.”

Finally, she gives in. But because love is never easy chaos breaks out. And because no one likes an ending to a good story ruined, I leave this review with one last comment. This story does have a happily ever after and it is one that will make you squeal.


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