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Monday, November 4, 2013

Logan West Interview!

I am so excited to have a chance to ask some personal questions to Mr. Logan West. The man that has me looking at single fathers in a completely new way. Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time Logan.
Of course, anything for a pretty woman.
*Blushes* So I guess its true, you are a charmer.
Is that a question or a statement?
*with a soft giggle I clear my throat* How about I stick to my list of questions.
What ever you want sweetheart. *Small smirk*
Ok, before I lose all train of thought let’s start basic.
What’s your favorite board game to play with Oliver?
Battleship. That’s the first game I was determined to teach him. My brothers grew up playing it after school.
Great game. So what about books? We saw you have a pretty amazing library and like reading with Oliver so is there a favorite book you have?
Oliver’s favorite story that I enjoy reading with him is Treasure Island so that makes it my favorite book as well.
You have no idea how sexy that is. Or do you?
There are few things I enjoy as much as spending time with my son.
So are you an ebook kind of guy or good ole paperback?
An Ebook?
You know a Kindle or Nook?
*nodding head once* Ah, yes I prefer a real book in my hand. Julia got me one of those Kindle’s for Christmas though but its still in the box somewhere.
That was sweet of her.
*Shrugs* It was better than what Jax got me.
Which was?
I think I better keep this interview clean.
Come on, my page has no prudes. Spill.
Jax sent over a stripper gram. Male stripper gram I should clarify.
*Laughing* I hope Oliver wasn’t home.
No, Jax had the stripper sent to my office.
And what did you get him in return.
*grin forming* I think I’ll keep that to myself but I will say he was apologizing for the stripper.
It seems you have a strong bond with your brother.
Both of my brothers and I are extremely close. I’d do anything for them or Julia.
Another reason why we adore you.
Any more questions? I have plans with Cassandra tonight.
Actually speaking of Cassandra it’s obvious that she has played a role in you leaving your playboy days behind. What other “bad” habits has she convinced you to give up?
Cassandra has changed me in more ways than I can describe. She’s allowed me to see how perfect life can be, how much pleasure and comfort I was missing. We’re still learning more about each other so we’ll see if I give anything up anything but for her I’d give everything.
You really do love her. Sorry *clears throat* She’s lucky to have you. Alright back to the interview. If you could travel back to any one day that you spent with Cassandra, what day would you pick?
Easy, New Years. *with a frown* I don’t want to get into that night but I’d do a lot differently.
As for a more pleasant day I’d like to have been faster at getting down to my pool the night she decided to sneak a dip. I still dream of that night. Never in my life have I been teased like that. I was certain she’d be out there waiting for me to have my way with her as any other woman would have been and instead she had gone back home before I could catch her. I knew then she was a woman I needed to know better.
Did you consider going over and knocking on her door that night?
Considered? I damn near had to restrain myself from not doing so. I went back inside and took a cold shower but it did little to help.
Do you regret Cassandra catching you with other woman?
I was single. She was single as well so she could have been dating if she wished.
How would you have felt if you came by to visit her back then and she was entertaining a guy?
I’m not sure and luckily I won’t eve have to find out.
Meaning you see yourself settling down with Cassandra? Marriage and babies?
Meaning I won’t let another man touch her.
Gotcha. So I have to ask how has Oliver changed your perspective on life?
He slows me down and helps me appreciate the small things. He enjoys everything in life and through him I’m able to see more clearly.
Alright one more question I know a lot of us are dying to know. What is in store for you and Cassandra? Last we left you, things were pretty intense with Cassandra and Kurt’s run in. How will you be there for her after such an emotional and tragic experience?
Cassandra’s strong. She’ll get through this and I’ll be there for her every step of the way. Whatever she needs. As for Kurt the man has some pain headed his way. I’m making sure he spends years behind bar. I don’t want to see him on the street again.
I don’t blame you. I was so upset about Kurt hurting her. Well I better let you get back to Cassandra. Thank you for answering some questions for me and hopefully we will see a happily ever after for you and Cassandra.
Anytime, sweetheart. *turning to leave but looks back* Maybe next time you can ask Cassandra some questions. I wouldn’t mind finding out what she was thinking that night in my pool. *gives a wink and walks away*

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