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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Incredible Dreams by: S.E. Felida


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“Why don’t we have a dance?” Alex said, “I’m tired of looking for a minute. She was the one who stormed out, if she wants to spend her time with that bastard then let her. This is our holiday too, we deserve some fun.”
“Hell, yeah! I’ll go get us some drinks.” Alyssa skipped to the bar and returned a few minutes later with three Chivas. The drink really took the edge off and it finally felt like we were having a good time again. As the song finished I noticed the guy with dreadlocks from yesterday approaching me with his arm outstretched. I didn’t want to seem rude, so I took it and allowed him to kiss my hand. He told us he was enjoying his night off and asked us if we were having a good time. When we said we were, he tried again to offer me his number. This guy really wasn’t getting the hint.
“Don’t throw it away this time, give me a call; I’ll make it worth your while.” He grinned at me, flashing all his front teeth. I pushed the paper away, refusing him politely. “Don’t try and tell me you have a man here, girl, I’ve only been seeing you with these two.” He pointed to my friends and thrust the paper in my hand again.
“Look, I have a boyfriend, but he’s not here. I said that to be polite. My man is at home, but I’m not interested okay?”
“Ah, what he don’t know won’t hurt him.” He leaned in towards me and put his hands on my waist.
As he did so, he caught sight of something behind me and his eyes grew wide. I turned to see Marcus glaring at the poor guy, “Get your hands off her this second or you won’t have any fingers left, you hear me?”
He immediately backed off, insisting that he didn’t mean any harm. I turned on my heel to face Marcus, angry that he’d interfered, “I don’t need your help Marcus, leave me alone. Where’s Naomi?”
“You didn’t seem to be doing such a good job defending yourself. Unless I got in the way of you getting some d…”
I shoved him away, cutting him off. I hated the guy so much, “Oh fuck off. What is it to you anyway? You’re nothing to me, you never will be. Answer the question, where’s Naomi? We’ve been looking everywhere for her.”
He stepped towards me again, this time his demeanor had changed. He seemed calmer and actually human. He brushed a finger across my cheek with a saddened look in his eye, “That’s not nice; I’ve been nothing but gallant to you today. I…I…”
Whatever he wanted to say, he didn’t manage to get out. He was looking at me like a long lost lover, and as much as I hated to admit it, it melted something inside me for a second. I caught myself and chastised my mind for letting him get to me. What are you playing at Leona? This man is evil; you know that, this is just one of his games. I pulled myself together and threw his hand away, “Get off me, Marcus. Where the hell is Naomi?”
“You heard the lady, get away from her,” a familiar voice sounded behind me. What the fuck? Nathaniel? What was he doing here?
I didn’t have time to think about it though, he slipped his hands around my waist as he continued, “I’ll give you one more second to remove your hands from my woman, before I remove them for you.”
They stared intensely into each other’s eyes as Naomi appeared from nowhere, looking confused at the three of us. She looked to Marcus first, then to me and finally, Nathaniel, then her expression changed. Oh my God, it’s finally hit her. Shit, today of all days, she’s noticed it. I hope she doesn’t think I’ve encouraged him. The only reason I never told her about this was because I didn’t want to hurt her. I couldn’t look her in the eye as she stood there looking at us all. Tears rolled down her cheeks and eventually the anger caught up with her.
“What the fuck are you doing Marcus? Why do you have your hands all over Leona?” He dropped them to his sides instantly and it was only then that I realized he probably hadn’t even seen her standing there. She was stood slightly behind him and he was so wrapped up in his staring contest with Nate that he’d completely missed her.
“I was just consoling her, my love. There was a guy bothering Leona and I got rid of him. Lover boy here is just mad because he failed to take care of business himself.”
He stepped away from me and went to stand behind Naomi, placing his hands around her waist. “You know I’d do anything to protect you and your friends.” He kissed her and grinned maliciously at Nathaniel behind her back.
Nathaniel took a step forward with clenched fists and I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was ready to go all rogue cop on him. I didn’t want things to escalate any further so I pleaded with him to let it go, but he wouldn’t have it. In that moment, he needed to set Marcus straight.
Marcus knew what was coming and it was as if he had been waiting for this moment for a long time, he pushed Naomi aside and told her to stay out of his fucking way. She looked at me and started yelling, “This is all your fault, you’d better control your little baby boy Leona, because if he hurts my man I swear to god I’ll kill him.” While a part of me was shocked to hear her say it, another part wasn’t, and to be honest at that point, nothing that Naomi said or did surprised me much anymore.
Marcus clearly had her under his spell again, I mean he must have for her to believe that bogus explanation he gave her just a few minutes before.
Nathaniel lunged for Marcus but was caught around the chest by Joshua. I knew I wasn’t crazy. I did see him yesterday. “Now isn’t the time or the place for this Nate, stop it.”
Nate didn’t listen though; he barged forwards, taking his colleague with him. I couldn’t help but think how scarily strong he was when he wanted to be. It took Anthony and another man who I didn’t recognize to drag him away. Marcus grinned, knowing he’d got what he wanted. He took Naomi by the hand and walked away, taking care to whisper in my ear before he left. “Until next time, sexy. I can’t wait.”
“Go fuck yourself, Marcus.” I flipped him the finger and watched them walk off in disgust. I couldn’t believe this was happening, this holiday started off so well and now it was turning into the holiday from hell. I couldn’t wait to get home.

Leona, a woman in her late twenties who has been dreaming about a guy that she doesn't know finally sees him in real life one day, but she doesn't approach him out of bizarreness of the whole situation and that leaves her with an feeling of missed opportunity, so when life gives her a second chance she grabs it with both hands. Nathaniel, a police officer who's been on a hunt to find his brother's killer for over a year now turns out to be a dreamguy in real life too, and while things are going great between the two of them, Leona's long life friendship with her dear friend Naomi isn't. Resenting the thought of having to choose between the two of them she and her two friends Alyssa and Alexandra come up with an idea to whisk Naomi away for a little holiday in the hopes that after they'd spend some quality time together things would finally go back to the way it used to be, but it doesn't and when Marcus, Naomi's current boyfriend who followed them out there confesses something to Leona that she really wished he hadn't, she keeps finding it harder and harder to even look her best friend in the eyes without feeling like the worst friend ever...
About S.E Felida:
I was born in Curacao, a small Island in the Caribbean. But I’m currently living in Holland with my husband and our three boys, I’m still in school and I’m studying to become a kindergarten teacher, I go to school two times a week and the remaining of the week I am a teacher’s aide at a kindergarten. I've always loved to read books and to write short stories and poetry, I began writing at the age of eleven. In my spare time you can find me in the kitchen, on the soccer fields to watch my sons play, reading, writing or having a girls night out with my lovely ladies.

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