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Monday, February 3, 2014

BLOG TOUR STOP: Never Close Enough by Anie Michaels

Title: Never Close Enough

Author: Anie Michaels

Genre: Adult Contempory Romance

Publication Date: November 19, 2013

The last thing Ella Sinclair needed on her birthday was a cheating boyfriend, a broken heart, and a dead car battery in a remote beach town. At her greatest moment of need, a protective and sexy Porter Masters comes to her rescue. Ella takes a holiday week at the coast to discover herself and finds her attraction to Porter potent and undeniable. Uncertain of their future together, Ella struggles to open her heart to trust again.

Porter Masters takes care of his own: his single mother, his company, and now he’s compelled to protect the beauty that walked into his world. Never one for relationships in his past, Porter discovers that he was waiting all along for Ella. As their time together comes to an end, will Porter fight for the woman who stole his heart? Porter will find a way to keep her, despite the obstacles.


Anie Michaels is a married mom of two, thirty years old, and living in the Pacific Northwest.

Once Upon a Crush Book Blog was lucky enough to get some questions answered by Anie!!
How old were you when you discovered you enjoyed writing?
   I remember always loving to write.  I kept a diary for most of my childhood, and once I started middle school I started writing a lot of poetry.  In high school I started writing short stories.  In College I took a lot of creative writing classes and really enjoyed all of them.  Then, I started real life and the writing ceased.  Although I had never attempted anything longer than 30 or so pages before I wrote Never Close Enough, my first novel worked out pretty well!

What inspired you to begin writing Never Close Enough?
   My life hasn't exactly turned out the way it was supposed to.  I am not in athecareer I had planned for and I saw myself just kind of floating around, not doing anything important.  So, it was almost a challenge to myself.  I had been reading books rapidly for about a year and I just had an idea one day that I thought would make a good book.  I started writing in the beginning of June of 2013, and published that November.  Now I am about to publish the 2nd book in The Never Series, and I don't see myself ever not writing.  It has now become a part of who I am.

Do you have any secret works that one day you may release?
   When I was a senior in high school my final project in my creative writing class was to write a short story.  It was my very first one and it was a romance.  It would be considered New Adult, I suppose.  Anyway, I remember writing it and feeling really self-conscious because it was a romance, and I was sure my teacher probably thought I was a silly high school girl writing something unimportant.  I often think about digging up that short story and seeing if it has any potential for a full-length novel.  I haven't read it in years, but I've kept it all along in it's protective binder.  I was really quite proud of that story.

How did you choose your character names?
   Well, Ella was first with a man named Collin.  But, my friend pointed out to me that Ella & Collin sounded a lot like Bella Cullen....so I nixed that.  But I wanted to keep Ella.  Porter was the product of a lot of wine with my best friend and a long list of man names.  I wanted something a little different, but manly.  I haven't read about any Porters, so I think we succeeded. 

What has been your best experience since publishing?
I have the best readers on the planet.  Every time one of them talks to me on my facebook page, or send me a sweet message, it really makes my day.  I feel like I've gained so many friends from my readers.  They are simply the best, and so passionate (especially about Porter).  I would say the readers are the best part of publishing a book, they make me smile daily :)

What has been your worst?
   Publishing a book really makes you put yourself out there in ways that I never really anticipated.  You are forced to really stretch yourself and make yourself available in ways that also leave you vulnerable.  I'm sure every author remembers getting their first negative review, and that definitely wasn't fun for me.  Luckily, there haven't been many, but it was definitely not something I liked or enjoyed.  You can't please everyone!

Is there anything you can share about Never Far Away?
   Never Far Away turned into something completely different than Never Close Enough.  You could definitely classify Never Far Away as a romantic suspense.  I had so much fun writing something that kept even me on the edge of my seat.  Never Close Enough is a very sweet and romantic story about falling in love, but Never Far Away is a story about fighting for love and sometimes even your life.  But don't fear, both are really hot and sexy!

How about your future works? Will you stick with this genre or is there another genre you would like to play around in?
   I can't imagine moving out of the romance genre anytime soon, but my next book will probably be a crossover book (is that even a thing?).  It will probably span the New Adult and Contemporary genres.  I am so excited to start my next book, the characters have been yelling at my for weeks and weeks now, time to give them some room to stretch their legs.

Book signings: Where can you see you at this year?
   I am so excited to be going to the Indie Mashup in Tampa, Florida, in September!  That is literally on the other side of the country from me.  I couldn't get farther from Portland, Oregon, if I tried.  So, I don't think I'll get to many more signings unless they are closer to my neck of the woods.

First thing that pops into your mind:

Ella- Fighter

Porter- Swoon

Ocean- Peaceful

Carpenter- Shirtless

Kyle- DickBag -  is this ok to post on a blog? lol.

Yes, Anie it is! And once the readers read about Kyle they will understand!!
Thank you for doing this author interview with me!




Once Upon A Crush Book Blog Review!!
5 STARS!!!!!!
I must say that I loved this book!! I read it way before this blog tour so I copied and pasted my review but want to add a few more thoughts! This review is somewhat short because I do not want to give out any information and ruin it for the readers! I could reread this book several times. The writing is what first caught my attention, it's good. The story is sweet and Porter is super easy to fall in love with. So is Ella. I love Porter's mom too! I can not wait until March 4th when Never Far Away comes out! I will say that if you like Irreplaceable by Angela Graham then you will probably like this book! Totally different story (and more sex) but same genre and vibe!
OMG! If you can make me cry (whether out of happiness or sadness) then you deserve 5 stars because it is a hard thing to do!! I don't want to spoil anything so I will be very careful with this review! Until the last few chapters I was going to give it a 4 or 4.5 because it was a really good story, however, the ending pushed it up to five stars!! Anyone who has ever loved someone with so much passion that you can't stand not to touch them, needs to read this!! Anyone who is in the mood for a sweet romance, needs to read this but beware this story is a cliffhanger, but it is so worth it!!!!!!




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